March 26- April 10th Choice Board

This is a choice board for you to choose items from. Each week you need to complete one square off of the board. If you are in more than one of my classes you must complete two squares per week off of the board. If you have another idea you think I might be okay with you are welcome to email me and ask if that is an acceptable assignment! Stay safe and healthy, GO OUTSIDE, and spend some time with the ones who love you! I miss you guys and cant wait to be back at school with y’all!

Let me know if you have any questions or need anything at all!

Benefits & Responsibilities of Owning Companion Animals

Media Type: Microsoft® PowerPoint® Presentation
Duration: 29 slides
Description: Many people do not realize the responsibilities of owning a companion animal. It usually
takes a lot more work than they expect. This presentation discusses both the benefits and
responsibilities of owning companion animals, as well as the yearly cost of common
companion animals. In addition, animals’ roles in society and new pet owner resources are


1. The student will describe the problems, causes and solutions of animal overpopulation.

2. The student will discuss the human-animal bond and its effects on human health and emotion.

3. The student will explore different roles of animals in society. To locate and provide informational materials on animal-related topics and issues.

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